For quick reference , Real Estate Board Stats for Burnaby and other Vancouver Lower Mainland areas are found in the links section.


As a client you should know that I have researched the Lower Mainland for the precise right home that meets my client's needs. A lot goes into the client's choice for ownership  such as price, work place, desired location, among other details.  I have though, areas of concentration that I pay particular interest. For Burnaby, these areas are the Crest and  Burnaby East neighbourhoods, since my partner lives in the neighbourhood.

I am not limited to a given location and can search for your best options.

A primary purpose of this website is to educate so make sure you review the informative links section. You will also find Real Estate Board stats on sales specifically for Burnaby and other areas of Vancouver Lower  Mainland.  Should you have any questions, I will be pleased to assist you.