I have University level coursework in Economics, Finance, Accounting, Law, Taxation and Management that are directly applicable to evaluating situations and determining strategies that get the best results. 

My experience as a Bank Manager offers a skill set in how mortgages and Banks work that allows me to work more closely with Mortgage Brokers to ensure you get the best product. Not all mortgages are the same and the interest rate is not the only consideration plus you need that someone that can can add that extra measure to ensure that your financial future is protected. Remember, when you pay your Lawyer to perform the conveyancing that they actually represent your financial institution of choice. 

My training and experience in the Life Insurance field allows me to ensure that this important subject is covered appropriately and ensures that my clients are protected. It is often taken for granted.

My experience in managing rentals provides me direct experience in maintenance issues with townhomes and low-rise apartments.  It also provides me direct experience in dealing with tenant issues and the Residential Tenancy Act application to cover listings with existing tenants.

My wife and I  managed a high-rise building for 16 years that  gave me direct experience in evaluating and solving maintenance issues. I was also involved in developing the details of one of the first Depreciation Reports for strata's in history of  this province when it became law in December, 2011.  I was a member of the strata council team that worked with the Engineers that put the Depreciation Report together and again helped update the Depreciation Report 3 years later. I am one of the few Realtors that can offer feedback on Depreciation Reports and have it covered off with qualified and experienced Home Inspectors. As a Realtor since 2006, I am not an Engineer yet I am able to point out the concerns and have them directed to expertise that can evaluate the issues. I am one of the few Realtors that can offer this due diligence to confirm the best opportunities and it means better results in the purchase of apartments and condo's.

Review my background and you should conclude that there is little that I cannot evaluate with confidence that provides the extra measure of protection for you.

I sincerely look forward to serve you,

Guy Norman

This is really simple. The Buyer gets all the Professional skills, experience, resources and time of the Realtor without paying commission since it is covered by the Seller.  So, why not take advantage of your position and get the Realtor to answer your questions, train you as we go, cover the details, make the arrangements, and get you ready for your best purchase as soon as possible. It seems like the best alternative. Doesn't it. 

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